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Introducing a "Modern Medical Miracle"

Has your erection become a pain in your ass? Is it hard when you are seen in public? Does your regional bulge affect the people in front of you? Is your significant other sick and tired of being chased around by the love muscle? Or, are you simply just too embarrassed to show up at your doctor's office with a perpetual?

If you can relate to the symptoms above, then you have come to the right place.

Our new adult gag gift product, "BONER BEE GONE", was originally created only to stir a few laughs within our local social network. However, due to its growth in popularity, we have decided to market this new and upcoming gag gift by using the whizdumb of our new company mascot,
Bizzy Willy.

Bizzy Willy proclaims: "Boner Bee Gone is the perfect "ice breaker" for adult parties, drinking establishments, outdoor festivals, private party hosting, college parties, weddings, family reunions, class reunions, and many other social gatherings where adults are looking to have a good time. Your party will not be disappointed. Oh yeah, don't forget that Boner Bee Gone is also the perfect jab at your smartass buddies that you golf, fish, hunt, bowl, drink, barbecue, and/or work with."

Simply put, Boner Bee Gone is an entertaining, good clean fun, laugh out loud adult gag gift that gently pokes humor at the "4-hour erection problem" that we hear on radio, and see on our TV's every day.

The gifts blister card package includes the "Do It Yourself Derections" - an instructional fold-out page that also serves as an array of jokes, one-liners, recipes, testimonials, personal measurement rulers, and other stupid shit you won't read anywhere else. Also included, is a surprise bonus gift that only the unsuspecting recipient of the gag gift receives while opening (expect to see an awkwardly surprised expression on their face - followed by laughter from all). Additionally included, is an actual usable product that the ladies will love (or anyone with dry chapped lips) - a tube of high quality, cherry flavored, hypoallergenic Bees' Wax Lip Balm.

"Boner Bee Gone" is the perfect gift for the man who has everything!
(And, for the significant other that needs to rest every now and then).

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